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Google Analytics Setup Process
Google Analytics Services at Kalpana Softech

We also provide Google Analytics Services to accomplish your needs from traffic analysis point of view. Accurate installation which triggers correct tracking of traffic behavior on your website is done with rigorous tests back and forth. Any other adjusting tasks in the reporting feature along with Google Analytics Code installation is utterly taken care of. All these minimal but acute and careful tasks are all done within 3 days maximum.

Google Analytics Account Set Up Process on A Website

We need administrative access to your website's control panel or CMS to incorporate the code snippet which is generated by your Google Analytics account after following the designated process. It will take two days more to fetch the current traffic behavior on your web site.

Then, an email notification setup process will be accomplished in Google Analytics account itself to enable your desired traffic flow report delivered to your inbox in regular intervals. You may, in advance, inform us whether you will need the report in Microsoft Excel format or PDF format.

Google Analytics Setup Process

Cross Domain Tracking Set up Process in Google Analytics

Sometimes, a webmaster get in need of tracking his traffic across a third party site back and forth to his eCommerce site. Yes, here it is an eCommerce site when there is a need or topic of Cross Domain Tracking is encountered in the scenery.

It is very critical task to finally get to know that all is working well after all the setup tasks are done. Multiple but different code snippets are required to install around appropriate elements on the web pages. And, we're very careful when execute the process.

Cross Domain Tracking Set up Process at kalpana softech